We are your partner within sustainable maritime innovation and development.

We assist business and organisations within the maritime sector to release their potential and enhance performance through innovation and knowledge development.

We undertake a range of assignments, including:

  • Business screening, analyses, advisory services
  • Prestudies, funding applications, project management
  • Workshop facilitations, conference moderations, presentations, lectures

Starting from the individual organisation and its specific conditions, needs and challenges we can assist our clients to highlight development opportunities, generate innovative business concepts, introduce suitable collaboration partners and initiate well founded development projects.

The enterprise is based on many years experience within international shipping, quality-, safety- and environmental management, as well as maritime research and development.

Please feel welcome to contact Björn Södahl, the owner of Södahl & Partners AB, for an unconditional discussion:

E-mail: bjorn.sodahl@sodahl.eu,
Tel: +46 707 662622
More about Björn Södahl can be found the attached CV:

Click to download: Björn Södahl CV 160204